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Adjusting Your Business Needs To A Pandemic
Direct Dealers For Hardware/Software

Posted by Kevin Walker on 2020-08-13
Editor's Note: Kevin runs Procuretech, a San Diego based purchasing company, and a terrific partner here at Plannedscape. Their business is providing hardware/software procurement services. In this article, Kevin describes how companies like his give clients a smart strategic advantage and saves them in both resources and costs while enhancing value ... in addition to illustrating how channel partners like Procuretech are an extension and representation of manufacturers.

* * *

Times like these are challenging for all of us. They're especially challenging to small businesses who must adapt to stay solvent. As we move through the ups and downs of a pandemic we are faced with many new decisions and choices to limit the damage and to keep afloat.

The New Normal

It's been difficult to find (and deliver in a timely manner) the equipment and services needed to adjust how we adapt to the new normal. An obvious example is the demand to equip more and more employees to work from home.

Not only are there new hardware and software solutions vital for the Covid-era workplace, but the current topsy-turvy situation sometimes also makes it difficult to reorder and purchase items that a business has been buying for years, whether it's from high demand, reduction of brick-and-mortar purchasing options or inventory shortages.

How To Solve New Supply Problems

That’s why its paramount to partner with like businesses who have the tenure and resources to pivot and make the adjustment to deliver timely solutions.

And that's exactly why we at Procuretech have moved to become a direct dealer of hardware and software, bypassing the distributors who with all their many advantages have fallen victim of supply chain delays. With this new model we can go directly to vendors who have inventories at the ready to fulfill and ship to their dedicated resellers.

Although there is still a place for distributors, now is the time to let purchasing specialists and direct dealers wade through the noise and confusion to get you what you need.

The Takeaway

With this new model in place, it has enhanced our solutions team to bring you the customer product and services that will help you turn on a dime to make the critical decisions that will inevitably keep your business solvent.

Another Editor's Note: We recently purchased a full upgrade/update of most of our hardware in the Plannedscape home office. At the risk of sounding like an ad for Kevin's services, we had Kevin do all of our purchasing. We told him our must-have specs, our price range and then Kevin/Procuretech handled EVERYTHING: He found the items at best price, including some custom specs laptops, had us approve, walked us through what peripherals we'd want, prepaid for all items, delivered them to us. All we had to do was pay the invoice at the end.

You might think buying your hardware or software is easy, but trust me: You could do your own taxes too, but we're not all aware of the tips and tricks an accountant can do. The same goes for purchasing. Think about taking a look at Procuretech to do your buying and delivery. Ok, advertisement over.