Plannedscape SERVICES

Local (San Diego) IT & Software Services

Plannedscape has handled high-performance multi-million dollar projects. But we also love helping small businesses locally in San Diego County with their websites, IT, processes and computers.

In this day-and-age so much business is done remotely, completely over the internet. But the unspoken little secret of the industry is that there really is huge value in being able to work onsite. Based in La Jolla, we regularly work face-to-face with Southern California businesses, from Chula Vista to Pasadena.

IT Help

Backups - We want to prevent an emergency before it happens. With any computer, hardware or device the question is not IF something will eventually fail but WHEN. Let's make sure you have solid backups in place so if the worst-case happens then you can be completely back up and running the same day.

Monitoring - There are plenty of things we can put in place to make sure we (and you) will know about outages or trouble the moment it happens.

Help In The Office - If you're in Southern California, you might need us to pop in to fix simple problems with email access, networking, Microsoft Windows, etc.


Chances are that your website can use some help. One quick way to find out is one of our site audits. And if you feel like you're allergic to tech and don't know the difference between a "domain" and a "host", maybe we are the ones to make sense of it all for you.

If you want to see what we can to improve your website, go ahead here.

Interfaces & Programming

We want your software programs to talk to each other. Whether the solution is an API, a web service, Excel code or something else - we love when we can quickly make a high impact solution that will help everybody at your office every day.

Maybe you have an idea for an app or section of your site for your customers, or something special that would help your employees do their jobs. Take a look at our programming services.


One of the best things we do - both for Fortune 1000 companies or mom-and-pop shops - is to look at how you do your most typical jobs, examine the work flow and processes you use & figure out where we can help. A pet peeve of ours is if you are having to type the same data in two different places (or more). If that's the case, call us ASAP so we can get some interfaces in place that will save time and increase accuracy.

Why Us

We've been in business since 2002, which is an eternity in this business. We still are the go-to provider for our very first clients to this day.

Don't just take our word for it, see testimonials from our clients.

Right Plan For You

Hourly - Our arrangements are flexible for what works best for you. We can charge you basic "time and materials" hourly rate with no big contracts or obligations.

Per Project - If you have a set of work to be done, we spec it out with lots of due diligence to know what we're both getting involved with. And we can give you a "not-to-exceed" quote at the beginning of the work so you're assured that costs won't get out of control.

Monthly Retainer - Or we give heavily-discounted rates for X amount of hours of our service every month. It's a big help for your budget (and ours) to know how much work is getting done every month.

Start things off by e-mailing us at info @ or calling 858-337-2211.