We do extensive planning of program requirements - so both customer and programmer are clear about the program parameters and expected performance. We ask all of the right questions ... up front! This is your foundation.

We want your project to succeed the first time. When a change request comes in once code has been deployed, it can often take 50 to 200 times longer to correct than if the idea had been thought of at the beginning of the project. You'd be surprised how happenstance and sloppy even major software companies can be by not establishing clear communication before the project starts.

Web Development

Web designers, WordPress sites are a dime a dozen. When you need to display customer (or internal) information you can afford a state-of-the-art dynamic site or application on any scale with us. We employ a cutting edge California designer, Adam, laying his graphic design over our complex code "under the hood."

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Autocad / AUD

We've written groundbreaking code that takes Autocad to the next level and have our apps in production with major companies. We also have configured and written custom features for the Automated Utility Design (AUD) product for 20 years, longer than anybody in the electric utility software industry, and on multi-million dollar energy projects.

Custom Apps/Interfaces

With our experience with web services and a variety of programming languages (C#, VB, PHP, ASP, Java) we can make your system smarter. Does your business need an application to make your life easier, track your data, or do you need help in fixing a program that's not working as well as it could? Call us.


Odds are, your company could be way more efficient. n ANY system, our watchword is that the same piece of data should NEVER be typed in two different places. We want to make your systems talk to each other. Or perhaps you're current software solution (or providers) just don't feel right and you could use a qualified second opinion.


Let's face it, "D.I.Y." (doing it yourself) isn't worth it in the long run. Having us handle your website, coding, apps, your network, hardware, etc. is more cost effective and lets you focus on what you do best.

Websites are not one-size-fits all. We want to do whatever makes the most sense for you, whether it's configuring Word Press, a site displaying customer data, a static website, or large amounts of dynamic content.

Does your business need an application to make your life easier, track your data, or do you need help in fixing a program that's not working as well as it could? There's no such thing as "impossible" when it comes to programming.

If you want secure, reliable web hosting - you can park your website with us. Or perhaps you don't like the hassle of dealing with your site and want us to take care of everything? Our monthly plans could be for you.

Do your apps all talk to each other? If you type the same data in 2 places, probably not. We can get your software to interact smoothly, with web services, custom add-ons in a variety of languages, and output data how you like it (Excel, PDFs, custom database format).

Yes we are the foremost experts at the niche of electric utility company software (AUD) but we also have done dozens of sophisticated projects in Autocad. We can support your Autocad needs in custom C#, VB.NET, or even old-fashioned LiSP.

We can step in on your existing code or products if you're in a pinch. But Plannedscape is also fortunate to have an expert at emergency data recovery, smart backups, meeting security requirements, virtualization - outsource your trickiest IT problems!


Meet our Team

Our 3 permanent core people have over 65 years in combined software experience. We also have regular, reliable subcontractors whom we engage on larger, high-profile projects. You can't do any better than the folks working with us - and you will appreciate their talent and dedication as much as we have!


Charlie Recksieck

Principal, Lead Developer

Began with electric utility software in 1997 with Gentry Systems, was head of Utility Custom Programming with Autodesk before founding Plannedscape in 2002. He loves food, tennis, travel, TV and his dog.

Charlie Recksieck

Lead Developer


Brad Kuhn

also Database Admin, Security Guru

Brad has 20 years in network and software. He's celebrated at Plannedscape for doing all of the clients' "dirty work" such as virtualization, backups, disaster recovery. He lives outside of Portland with his family.

Brad Kuhn

IT, Infrastructure


Adam Hoffman

Web Design, Graphic Design

Adam is a talented designer of logos, web sites, graphics. The rest of us are ecstatic to rely on his clean design sense. He lives/works in the Mission in San Francisco with his wife, children and foster cats.

Adam Hoffman

Web/Graphic Design

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Our Strategic Partners

We frequently collaborate with some wonderful and talented firms and we really think you should get to know them too. These are great resources for marketing & purchasing. You don't need to know every aspect of running a technical business, outsource some of these duties to folks like us at Plannedscape and also to our innovative and reliable friends here.




They handle ordering, delivery & installation of hardware/software at prices you can't get yourself. Sit back and let them take care of it ... fast! They do all of our purchasing here at Plannedscape.


Hardware, Software Purchasing


Goodsell Marketing


They grow your business, connecting rank-and-file marketers w/ brands through affiliate networks. It's a bonus Marketing Dept, managing your affiliate program, budget & monitoring activity.

Goodsell Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


DL Consulting


We've collaborated with DL-Consulting multiple times; they are tops in Automated Utility Design consulting, implementation and offer THE only commercially available configuration training course.

DL Consulting

AUD Consulting, Implementation & Training


Our mothers told us not to brag, but we are unapologetic about posting some messages from satisfied customers/clients:


"Thanks to you I am tremendously proud of what we have and have had nothing but good comments so far."

Robert Smith, Idaho Power Company

"This was without a doubt the most complex and best show we have been asked to do - thanks so much for all the help."

Doug Laslo, Autodesk

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for us ... finally we can work on these computers!"

Gloria Arenal, Jacobs & Schlesinger


It has been our distinct pleasure to have worked with so many talented, appreciative and innovative clients. The section below should hopefully give you some idea of the range of companies who have hired us ... and keep coming back!

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  • Autocad
  • Electric Utilities
  • Consulting
  • Support
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We want your projects to succees and your business to thrive!

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