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Audit Your Site
Checklist To Evaluate The Health Of Your Website

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2020-01-30
When we get inquiries, or when we are starting with a new small business, we like to start by auditing the company web site.

Obviously, if your company is fairly sizable then a lot of thought has gone into your web site. Even so, there are always things that could improve a web site.

There are plenty of organizations that can do an audit of your web site; he ... See full post


Estimating Bug Fixes
"2 Hours Or 2 Days"

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Your Site Might Be Better Than ATT, Apple, Walmart
We Look At "Fortune 10" Company Sites

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Skills Tests: What You Do Or Don't Know Can Help You
An Argument For Giving Yourself Skills Assessments

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What Do We Want To Do Better/Differently In 2020
Our New Year's Resolutions

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