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Political Debate Bingo is Up!
Making Politics Fun Again

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2019-07-25
Heads up. We just released an online game of "Political Debate Bingo". The idea of the game is just like traditional Bingo except instead of marking off squares when numbers are called, you play by marking X’s when politicians in the debate say your cliche.

Print out your card beforehand, then while watching the debate live, mark off cliches as spoken aloud such as "With all due respect", "This is the most important election of our lifetime" and "Bipartisan". Once a player gets 5 answers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally they win by yelling, "Bingo" as in the traditional game. There is also an option for the center square "free space" to be turned on or off (go to the "Fun" link at the top of the web site).

Each time you load the page a unique, randomly generated bingo card is created. And there's a button which generates a good, printable bingo sheet.

Years ago a coworker and I were attending a conference with pretty dry, dull subject matter and plenty of business-speak. We found online a game of "BS Bingo" which made a bingo sheet out of corporate buzzwords and catchphrases to pass the time listening to the speakers - we loved it. Then over the years, I've created code and databases to carry this tradition to other fields, including the Academy Awards for our home Oscar parties. But now the political debates are a great use of this.

If people are wanting it, we’ll develop an interactive mobile app and there will be more political phrases to be added to the game's dictionary. We’re considering next week’s July 2019 Democratic Debates as its "beta testing" phase.

The next debate takes place on Tuesday, July 30th. Get your scorecard:

Political Debate Bingo Card