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Internet Speed - State By State Report - Formatted and Referenced

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-02-16
How does internet speed vary by state? An intuitive guess would be that northeastern states like New Jersey and New York would be fast where Wyoming and North Dakota would be slow - which probably would have been truer 10 years ago.

We saw a great list from a researcher named Jason Shevik at who had put out an incredible batch of research about internet speed with various metrics.

NOTE: We are not trying to pass off any of this as our work. All credit goes to Jason Shevik and for the report. The only value we are adding here is just creating some screen captures and spreadsheet for easier viewing - and to draw your attention to it.

Read It

The main point of my blog post here today is to direct you to read the article instead of making a lot of observations on my side.

Please go here: Internet speed by state


Our screen capture above this article shows the top 5 and bottom 5 scores in their survey. If you were wondering about the methodology, here's an overview:

Spreadsheet View

I made a spreadsheet of their statistics - click here to download

Or here's a screen shot (click to open expanded image in new window):