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Market To Others As You Would Market To Yourself
The Golden Rule For Marketing

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2022-08-18
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The Golden Rule is really hard to argue with in any context. One might even say that if it was a one-sentence religion, it would be inspirational.

But what does it mean in a context of business and marketing?

Don't Sent An Email That You Wouldn't Want To Receive?

I'm introducing that as the Golden Rule of Marketing. I have seen so many people make these mistakes - and I've made them myself. It's easy to feel as if you have so much vital information and things to pitch. There's a simple test to evaluate if it's a good email or not ...

My bulletproof advice is this: Would your pitch work on you if you were the one receiving it?

If the answer is no, then you've got some work to do.

Methods Of Reaching People

The methods and media that you use to reach potential new customers is just as important as the message itself. And the wrong method can turn people off just as much as a pushy message will.

Do you ever like getting a text message from a phone number you don't know? Do you ever like getting a robocall? Me neither. If you think something is obnoxious when on the receiving end then don't do that same thing as the initiator.

As with everything important in life, there's a Seinfeld scene that covers this:

Platinum Rule

I am going to amend this slightly and backtrack just a little bit: Treat customers as THEY want to be treated. The customers in your industry might be slightly different than you in some ways. In thinking about your business, you need to think about how your customers might think or behave differently; and not assume that everybody thinks like you.

For instance, when it comes to social media you might have certain preferences. You might hate Facebook. But if you are trying to sell photo albums, then you better damn well be marketing them on Facebook and Pinterest.

Less Is More

This is one Golden Rule that I need to get better at. Nobody wants to read multiple paragraphs in an initial email. I'm often too verbose. I fall into the trap of wanting to make an iron-clad case why we have the best solution in the business.

Meanwhile, if I get an unsolicited email and there are four meaty paragraphs there, guess what happens? Delete.


What do you want to say to people? Whatever it is that you want them to know, put that in the first sentence. Without using business-speak.

DON'T USE ALL CAPS! Unless you're promoting a hip-hop mix tape or a new brand of firecrackers.

That said, I shouldn't dictate what you should or shouldn't say or even how to say it. If you think all caps or technical buzzwords are the way to go, then by all means do it. That's the point of this article. Be yourself.

You should be yourself - while still being professional - in your marketing efforts. If they respond to you speaking in your own voice, then chances are they are going to like being your customer and they are going to be one of your favorite clients. (The same advice goes for dating: don't be a completely different person on that first date or you are going to have a weird start of a relationship.)