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Authorizing Office 365 Fix
"Sorry, we can't connect to your account. Please check your internet connection, and then try again." Solution

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2022-05-19
Normally here on the blog we try to address common problems in software, web design or business. And usually the advice is of a more technical nature.

This week is different. We're putting this post up on the web in case somebody searches for this particular Microsoft issue. That's it.

The Problem

Recently a client of ours was having a problem authorizing one of their Microsoft Office accounts. They had plenty of authorized users and accounts available to add this one. What should have been easy turned out to be frustrating and stupid.

On one of their laptops they were trying to authorize an employee to use MS Outlook legally. When clicking the Authorize button within Outlook, they received the following message:

Sorry, we can’t connect to your account. Please check your internet connection, and then try again.

There was no internet connectiity problem; just a poorly captured error assuming the wrong error message to give.

MS Explanations And Examples

When we stepped in, we verified this weird error, triple-checked the company's Office 365 subscriptions and saw that everything was in good standing. We searched articles like this one and this one with anodyne and ineffective advice from Microsoft employees offering no real solutions.

The Solution?


That's it. The whole point of this article (to inform anybody who stumbles onto this post). Oh and maybe to insult Microsoft a little bit for allowing such a dumb error to occur in such a thoroughly tested and vetted product.