Does your business need an application to make your life easier, track your data, or do you need help in fixing a program that's not working as well as it could? There's no such thing as "impossible" when it comes to programming. We're also careful to make sure that your project makes financial sense.

Custom Interfaces

"This was without a doubt the most complex and best show we have been asked to do - thanks so much for all the help."

- Doug Laslo, Autodesk

Interfaces are a critical part of any large system. You likely have anywhere from three to six critical software programs in your environment that need to talk to each other. Interfaces that allow these pieces to talk to each other are incredibly powerful yet (unfortunately) occasionally tricky. We can handle it.

In ANY system, our watchword is that the same piece of data should NEVER be typed in two different places. We want to make your systems talk to each other.

With our experience with web services and a variety of programming languages (C#, VB, PHP, ASP, MySQL) we can make your system smarter. We've done projects both large-scale and small that integrate with SAP, Maximo, Asset Suite and we're comfortable with any database or platform.

Dynamic Data-Driven Websites

Web designers are a dime a dozen. But whether you need to display customer information, or want internal web-based sites to edit or view your data ... you can afford us to create a state-of-the-art dynamic site or application on any scale.

Smartphone & Tablet Apps

In later 2018 we'll have some iPhone, Android, iPad apps hitting the market. And we're also developing a tablet based application & educational training for a Los Angeles foundation that may have a broader national launch in 2018-2018

Apps are an exciting field for us. We still use our same established development practices in creating cutting edge, fun & practical applications in all kinds of fields.

Our Practices

We do extensive planning of program requirements - so both customer and programmer are clear about the program parameters and expected performance. We ask all of the right questions ... up front!

These questions and requirements force you to think through what exactly you need. This is your foundation. A change request coming once code has been deployed can often take 50 to 200 times longer to correct than if the idea had been thought of at the beginning of the project. You'd be surprised how happenstance and sloppy that even major software companies can be by not establishing clear communication before the project starts.