Charlie Recksieck, the founder and principal of Plannedscape, has a long history with the electric utility industry and the AUD product ... over 15 years with the product working for Gentry Systems, Autodesk and then as an independent developer.

AUD Configuration

"Thanks to you I am tremendously proud of what we have and have had nothing but good comments so far."

- Robert Smith, Idaho Power Company

Autodesk Utility Design is a terrific product; unfortunately, it just isn't ready for your utility "out of the box". It's complex and requires extensive configuration to get you up and running. There is nobody working with Autodesk Utility Design anywhere that has done more AUD configuation than Charlie Recksieck

Customized AUD Solutions

We've written groundbreaking code that takes AUD to the next level and have it in production with major AUD users. Interfaces to other in-house programs/systems, more specialized dialog boxes and forms, database-driven rules for your material ordering that make maintenance infinitely more manageable ... basically, anything you'd need related to your AUD system, if you can think it up, we can pull it off.

We've been around the block with the product and the electric utility industry for 15 years now. If you're just looking at AUD as a potential solution or just want a second opinion -- a few hours or days of our time could be enough to save you tens of thousands of dollars down the line. Training Classes can be customized for AUD users & in-house project leaders.

Why Are We Best For AUD Consulting/Services?

With Charlie's extensive years with the product and the industry, he's uniquely positioned as the most experienced developer and consultant when it comes to AUD; many years more so than even Autodesk Consulting's own specialists. Plannedscape has worked with eight utility companies (ranging from small co-ops to 600,000-meter energy provider up to consulting some of the largest utilities in the U.S.)

And the best part is that as a small independent company, you don't pay 3 or 4 times the amount to Autodesk or other consultants to cover large overhead. You're paying just entirely for Charlie Recksieck's time as a developer/programmer/consultant.

Seriously - it's a no-brainer. We're the most experienced AND lowest price AUD specialists out there.