Plannedscape is based in the San Diego area, in beatiful Encinitas near the beach. It's our distinct pleasure to be aware to work with so many people who are so intelligent, appreciative and talented.

About The Company

"We love you, we love you!!!! Thank you for your great work, you're a lifesaver."

- Waterflow Technologies

Plannedscape was founded in 2002 when Autodesk Utility Design (AUD) customers needed development, consultant and custom programming solutions once Autodesk stopped supporting the product. Since then, the company now involves four programmers and performs a wider variety of services beyond the electric utility market - we specialize in dynamic data-driven websites, custom applications, smartphone and tablet apps.

About Charlie

Charlie Recksieck began working with electric utility industry software in 1997 with Gentry Systems and was head of Autodesk Utility Design (AUD) Custom Programming with Autodesk before founding Plannedscape in 2002. He continued working with utilities and has developed groundbreaking solutions for all kinds of AUD users, including database-driven rules for material ordering, complex custom interfaces and innovative functions that shore up some holes in the core product.

With Charlie's extensive years with the product and the industry, he's uniquely positioned as the most experienced developer and consultant when it comes to AUD; many years more so than even Autodesk Consulting's own specialists.

As for Charlie - he can always be seen enjoying his varied passions and pursuits such as: songwriting and singing in a San Diego band (The Bigfellas), writing, reading, cooking, basketball, golf, and TiVO.

The Rest Of The Team

Plannedscape subcontracts and supervises 3-4 industry professionals for over a decade now. Our roster includes programmers for Sony and the U.S. Navy, talented graphic designers, dedicated IT specialists and savvy programmers in a variety of languages. You can't do any better than the folks working with us - and you will appreciate their talent and dedication as much as we have!