Plannedscape is an independent consulting firm with major software and IT company experience. Our low overhead allows us to bring a major-league, thorough development approach to projects of all sizes for a fraction of the cost of other firms.

Premier Autodesk Utilities System Services

Plannedscape was established on the basis of its specialized solutions for electric utility companies, with even more experience in the solutions services than the alleged "big boys." With us, you get people who already understand your business and the technology.

Charlie Recksieck's extensive years with the product and the industry make Plannedscape the most experienced developer and consultant when it comes to Autodesk Utility Design (AUD); many years more so than even Autodesk Consulting's own specialists.

In the last two years, Plannedscape has written applications, configured AUD, provided custom solutions or consulted for ten electric utility providers in the United States. We have done by far the most extensive customizations of AUD, bringing Idaho Power's dynamic & extensive design system to the AUD2014 product. We have recent experience in cutting-edge solutions for electric design, automated material ordering, mapping, work order management interfaces & all kinds of custom features to help utilities get the job done.

Programming Services

Does your business need an application to make your life easier, track your data, or do you need help in fixing a program that's not working as well as it could? There's no such thing as "impossible" when it comes to programming.

We're careful to make sure that your project makes financial sense, is well thought out and documented for you to be able to maintain it.